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New Experience / New Chapter

Blessed to say that i will be going to Rome, Italy this weekend…an experience that i am so excited to have. Blessed to have this opportunity while fulfilling a personal goal/dream of mine; to travel/study abroad. Everything is beginning to fall in place in preparation for my departure and i can only imagine the immaculate things i will see and experience. Lets take this journey and see were it leads me. 

329 plays Tunnel Vision Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision single


Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision follow up single From his platinum selling album The 20/20 Experience

You know you love us…


i hope these thoughts become nothing more than what they are…thoughts

either im over packing because i think imma be doin everything this break or im jus tryna stay far away from the bay for as long as possible

either way ive packed wayy too much

my b****

im trying to turn junior year into my b**** but its become a little harder than expected. this semester has proven to be one of the more difficult ones, even though i feel like grade wise it might be one of my strongest. that may not make much sense but just with all that has gon on this semester it does to me. sooner or later though i will achieve my goal and junior year will be on my leash…it may not be today or even tomorrow but know that before the end of next semester it will happen and i will be in control. i wonder if it counts for me to be in charge after finals, i mean i know ill be done with classes but the fact that i finished them all, some with time to spare and im not failing is reason enough to be running things, right? yeaa ill go with that, so by the end of this week junior year, or at least first semester will have become my b****. HA!

OBAMA for yo momma!!

“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow.Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” 💋